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The Leading Provider of Exclusive
Pool Services in Palm Beach and Broward County.

What can you expect when you call Step by Step Pools for all your residential, commercial, or public pool repair, construction, and maintenance services?

Only the most advanced technology, the most experienced pool repair and construction expertise, and the most reliable and accurate service in South Florida!

Step by Step Pools has been providing our exclusive clientele in Palm Beach and Broward County with fast, reliable, and accurate service for more than 20 years. From new construction to leak detection or even scheduled cleaning and maintenance services, one call does it all!

Residential Services

If your busy schedule leaves you with little time for the upkeep of your home swimming pools or spas, Step by Step Pools’ professionals are here to assist you. A single phone call is all it takes for us to handle your routine pool requirements, ensuring your pool remains clean, secure, and a source of enjoyment for you, your family, friends, and neighbors.

Considering the installation of a new pool? Step by Step is ready to guide you through every stage, offering support from the initial design and planning to the construction and finalization. With decades of experience, we’ve been dedicated to serving the most discerning homeowners
in Palm Beach 
and Broward County.

Commercial Services

Business owners recognize the significance of maintaining a secure and dependable pool, not only as a sound business practice but also as
a crucial factor in enhancing overall profitability. That’s why Step by Step Pools is dedicated to swiftly, accurately, and reliably restoring
your commercial pool to operational status,
prioritizing both speed and safety.

Benefit from over two decades of industry expertise as our proficient pool technicians cater to your commercial pool needs, providing a time and cost-effective solution for business owners. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, we ensure the optimal functioning of your pool, promoting
a safe and efficient environment for your guests

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Step by Step Pools

As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded entity, our pool design, construction, and repair specialists can turn your pool aspirations into a reality right in your own backyard!